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Vincent and Rachel Kreamer

Natives to Cajun Country, Vincent and Rachel have taken an unconventional approach to life. Louisiana has been dealt its ups and downs with its rich cultural heritage and destructive forces of nature. This has influenced and accelerated their calling to become professional artists. After losing their home to Hurricane Ida, they set off to find peace of mind in other parts of the United States. During this time, they found peace in making art and finding people and places that would become like family and a home away from home.

While working side by side, their individual styles show even when using similar mediums. As lifelong artists, Vincent being formally trained from a young age and Rachel having been interested in all forms of art, their styles continue to evolve with each new experience. 

Travel continues to inspire their art and has now become a way of life. While they still consider Louisiana as their home, the couple has taken on the challenge of living permanently on the road with the hopes that their art will be appreciated by audiences across the country. 

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Painter, Musician

I enjoy the focus needed for the artistic process. My art is inspired by the freedom of traveling.



Painter, Photographer, Paper Maker, Sculptor

Nature fascinates me. My art is inspired by actual places and sometimes made of materials found in those places.

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